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Friday, December 10, 2010

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil - #011 Sable Brown

So what can I say I actually love a lot of Rimmel's products from their lipsticks, blushes to even the foundation, even the bronzer's are great too. And I am totally in love with the lip glosses they have, if any I would always recommend one of their lip glosses.

Oh yeah we are talking about the eye liner here!! Hello Evita back to the topic! LOL!!! Okay so yeah this is actually a very good liner, I love how smooth it is and how you can apply the color to a more sheer chocolate finish or a deeper darker brown finish. It last all day dose not smudge or run either and the color last so long. It literally smooths on I don't have to hold or pull my eye lid to put this on it just glides right on! #011 Sable brown is a great color cause it is technically a soft brown but you can totally apply it more densely and get a darker effect also great as a nice soft brown base since it is so smooth.

This is great and affordable too, which makes it even better, LOL!!!! I can totally say that when applied a little more dense it reminds me of MAC's teddy eye liner. Hey ladies enjoy your day! And check out the swatch below. ( more post like this to come, any request from products seen in one of my you tube videos please just ask (YT: evitaw2) 

xoxoxo Evita : )

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello Ladies,

So only prior to this haul have I tried out Korres lip butter's and eyeliner's. Which are great. So I saw a couple of other products from them that I thought I may like as well and wanted to try. 

I picked up a few set's of korres products. I love when a company has special packages where they will give you so many of their products in a set for a great price, check out Sephora or even HSN under Korres if you are interested in any of the products I have in this haul.

On we go..... in this haul I got.....
(In order of swatches below)

(6) L/G: #22 rose, 27 plum, 54 fuchsia, 30 beige (my fave),11 light pink, 25 natural purple

(2) Lip butters: wild rose, plum

(2) Eyeliner’s #1 black and #6s golden

(5) Eye shadows: 77s plum, 66 pink (fave!), 25 golden (fave!)  49 cypress green, 14 ivory

(1) small travel size guava body butter came w/ one of the sets. (shown below) (smells so awesome!!!, I will definitely get the big one!)

Korres glossy red make up bag came in one of the sets that I got. Which is actually a good bag, I thought it would have been a cheapy but no way it’s great I love it and this one I will actually use. lol.

So basically I love all of the items I got like always "I know", but this is my honest opinion, and I will always be truthful.

The eye shadows are so silky smooth and not powdery at all, and the pigmentation is great! I like how they all have this wonderful but subtle sheen to them you would totally need to experience these in person the swatch photo just doesn't do it any justice (but I tried)

The lip glosses are all great and also have great color pay off, you have to check these out, I love how they actually smell like cherries reminds me of when I was younger eating cherry laffy taffy, LOL!!!

The liners are such a dense color, and so creamy they glide on great and last too, much better when applying a powder e/s over to set.

I love korres lip butters and honestly I believe I may own them all now, but I just don't like the smell on these babies I got this time around, same quality and color tint pay off as the others just the smell isn't so great but nothing over bearing that really lingers when applied. Smells like a basic balm with no added sent, could also be that they are a natural product based company, which is great.

The trail size of body butter in guava is so smooth and smells so great, and the smell lingers on your body all day. I kept smelling my arm all day at work LOL!!! Nothing bad that I can say about any of the Korres products that I purchased I love everything I got and hope if you try any that you will too, take care ladies.

#22 rose, 27 plum, 54 fuchsia, 30 beige (my fave),11 light pink, 25 natural purple -Lip butters: wild rose, plum

eye liner black, golden -e/s plum, golden, pink, cypress green (ivory didn't show up really at all on my skin tone)

korres make up bag

e/s cypress green, golden, pink, ivory- e/l black, golden

e/s plum

plum collection set- e/s plum, l/g plum, lip butter plum

 plum colour collection set

plum collection set

beige l/g, rose l/g , lip butter wild rose

natural purple, fuchsia, light pink

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I really must admit that I love this idea! I was thinking recently that I was neglecting a lot of my drug store e/s and that I had a lot of great shades that I would really like to use, plus the recent purchases of the color icon shadows by wet n wild really pushed me to do this.  I thought how much I really enjoyed the colors, pigmentation and quality of these shadows and that I really wanted to put them to use, so when I found my self putting them away in one of my make up drawers I thought to my self  "now I will forget them there and not use them" so I did not want that to happen especially because I am always reaching for my MAC or coastal scents, MUFE palettes to do my eyes, it is so much easier when all the colors are right there to choose from.

So I decided to get these babies and picked up two so that I could go ahead and depot other shadows I wanted to really start using. So I have a ton more to go and I went over board and couldn't fit all my depoted shadows, but eventually I want to also try the Unii palette which I hear great things about too. That might be what I will get for the rest of my depoted shadows, and future depotees.....LOL!!!  On the actual topic of this post... The Z palette is great, it is sturdy great snap magnetic tight lid, and great magnetic hold for your eye shadows. I did have to buy magnets separately to apply to each shadow, but no biggy. And the only con I'd say is that it is made out of cardboard which with out proper care and handling  it will get dinged up and could possibly tear, so you'd just have to be extra careful with these palettes. So that is why the next ones I may consider getting is the Unii which is hard case plastic and includes a mirror. But I am happy with the Z palette!!! I fit 26 MAC sized shadows in one and 30 color icon shadows (palette sized+ (4 single color icon shadows) + one MAC sized shadow (see below). Hope you enjoyed. ( Check out the photos)

PINK Z with Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadows + 1 Coastal Scents shadow

Leopard Z with Coastal Scents 28 neutral shadows (-1 that did not fit, and 1 that broke! : (

Pink Z Palette, Leopard Z Palette

Leopard Z Palette

Pink Z Palette

Depoting Mania!!

Opened Z Palette, Large Space for lots, and lots of shadows or blushes!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Revlon Matte Lipstick Swatches- Pink Pout, Nude Attitude

These are my fave matte lipsticks! I love Revlon lipsticks by far. I have yet to really experience any down fall with any. Obviously before you apply any matte l/s always make sure your lips are moisturized I apply my matte lipstick in a dabbing motion through out my lips until I am satisfied with the color. Not best to swipe on matte lipsticks since they are a dry based l/s. I will usually apply a nice lip gloss over it then, my preferred is rhythm vinyl lip gloss by Rimmel, this is my absolute favorite lip gloss, my mom's too. LOL!!! ( I will post my favorite lip combo soon) Enjoy these swatches. ( nude attitude left-peachy toned nude), (pink pout right-bright but soft nude pink)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wet n Wild Haul (Color Icon E/S swatches+) (Major Picture's)

WOW! Now I must say Wet n Wild deserves a big round of applause for a great come back in my opinion. I remember buying this brand when I was younger and I loved it then. Now back then I did not know to much about other brands or quality for that matter. But I must say through the years I veered away and tried other brands that in comparison were much better then Wet n Wild. But recently they have come back and came back hard, from products in their current collection like the lip sticks, blushes and especially the color icon eye shadows.  The Color Icon shadows are amazingly pigmented and so smooth, and they have such great color pay off, I have not seen such good quality in a drug store brand in a long while.

I had been seeing these Color Icon e/s on you tube, and other blogs and thought "I am not going to get sucked in the hype" I thought they were not going to be good at all. But man was I wrong, wrong indeed. I tried one, then another, and then I was truly convinced and had to go back and get mostly all that are currently out. I also thought why not try a couple other things, like some more mascaras, which I already have some from Wet n Wild and I really enjoy them all (my fave is the mega protein, white packaging).

I also picked up some single color icon e/s which are great just like the ones that come in the palette. Now it goes to show, don't get to excited and go on a shopping spree I thought for $1.99 why not see how the eye make up remover works, uhhhhhh well not that great, first of all it has this weird sweet smell to it, but not the sweet you'd think you'd like. And sad to say it really takes a couple of tries and a whole lot of wiping to get off the e/s and that's just the e/s don't even think it'll take off the mascara that did not happen, LOL!! even after a couple of tries it was like using water. But I digress.....

Ohhhh.... but another thing I am so happy I got is the ultimate mineral bronzer in amber glow (which is known to be a dupe for MAC's stereo rose MSF) I am using this as a blush because it has a pinky bronze-y color to it and is so sweet as a blush, loving it!!!

Hey ladies I rambled enough I love everything in this haul (except the eye make up remover!) Please enjoy the swatches below, and take care have a Wonderful Holiday!

Eye Make Up remover, Ultimate mineral bronzer-Amber Glow




Color icon single e/s-NUTTY
Color Icon Palette-VANITY (my fave palette of all!!)

Ultimate Bronzer-Amber Glow

Color Icon Single e/s- BRULE, SUGAR, PENNY

Color Icon Palette- GREED
Color Icon Palette- LUST
Color Icon palette (LE)- Golden Goddess w/ eyeliner
Color Icon Palette (LE)-Sugar Plum Fairy w/ eyeliner to left

Saturday, November 20, 2010

E.L.F. Beauty Encyclopedia Neutral Edition Swatches / Review

E.L.F. Neutral Encyclopedia- 12 e/s, 1 small eyeliner (coffee) 1 double sided sponge tip applicator for $4.99 ( also accompanied with application instructions)

Hey there ladies, Thanks to all my followers I really appreciate you all taking the time to check out my blog!

So I keep it real and we all know the saying "you pay for what you get" well that is the case here, but wait I am not saying that it is terrible you are just going to have to work at it. Here I go.....

Well the color's in this "encyclopedia" (palette in laments terms) are beautiful! Don't get me wrong, I was so excited to try it out when I saw the shades. But I will say that I am happy that I only got this one, I was tempted to get the others they had. So although the shades are so pretty and true neutrals they are not really pigmented at all, but again really what can you expect, right?

Now I am not saying that I didn't do a decent eye look with this palette, it just took probably two times as long, you have to be careful not to load your brush with to much shadow because you will get a ton of fall out, and forget tapping off the brush first because the shadow will fly right off too, lol!!! "fly". Some colors are a bit more "powder-y" then others, but then some might have a bit more pigmentation then others.

So basically you are consistently going back and re applying and blendinnnnnnnnggggg for ever!!! LOL!!!!

I also notice for these shades to really show up on my eye I needed to use a white base and I had to apply it a bit heavy (one trick to use to help these along) Other than that the colors are great. Just take your time with them and you will like it.
But hey I love E.L.F big time and I have a few other items from them that I am very pleased with, this just wasn't the pick of the litter. This is really nice for beginners that are getting in to make up and want something to play with.

I tried my best with the swatches below, you can see the pigmentation for your self, with just one swatch. Enjoy Ladies!!!! (see palette at the very end)

Eye liner, row 1, 2, 3

(From top to bottom according to palette) to left a swatch of eyeliner in coffee.  

Row 1


(side view) row 1, and 2 w/ eyeliner

Eye Liner "coffee"

Row 3

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink a Boo! L.A. Nail Laquer Swatch / Review

Okay so first I'd like to apologize for the crappy nails, one broke and I 'know" sad to say I cut off the rest off cause I was mad one broke! I hate walking around with a nail or two broke, it makes all that time you took to grow them and care for them a waste! LOL!!!

But I then took off my nail polish and to make my self feel better about my "terrible mishap" I slapped on this polish in a hurry ( I was heading to work). I love this shade ( Pink a Boo)  it is a nice bright almost on the neon side, slightly there, but it is so wearable and kind of gives off a little spunk, a bit of a kick to any outfit you are wearing casual or dress down, I was wearing work attire and I thought it looked nice! (swatch below, two coats, no top coat) (way better if I had time to put on a top coat, LOL) Wanted to share it with you all, only a $1.00 at my local Dollar General, and the Dollar Tree also has L.A. nail polishes.

Enjoy Ladies. xoxo Evita

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