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Friday, June 18, 2010


I really prefer ORLY nail lacquer's when it comes to my nail polish preference, I have a very large collection of nail polishes. And I majority of that collection is ORLY, only because they are great, great color, texture, and staying power too.

This shade in ''Lift the Veil'' is such a beautiful creamy light pink, it reminds me of a soft creamy cold  strawberry shake!!! These ORLY nail lacquer's apply so smoothly and are buildable for a more intense color but one to two coats gives the color you see in the jar.

I love the fact that I can wash dishes, take a shower, clean and more and these nail lacquer's by ORLY will last 5x's longer then other brands I have tried. (i.e. wet n wild, Sally Hansen, O.P.I, etc.)

I like to use Nutra Nail green tea nail strengthener as a base & top coat, it really gives that shine and helps the color last longer and not chip or peel. Plus added nutrition for the nails is always a plus.

I love doing my own manicure's and pedicures so the money I save from not going to the salon I like to pick these up and know I am using a good quality nail lacquer. Please see swatch below.

WHERE TO BUY/ PRICE: CVS for about $6.99-$7.99 (check for sales) or check out ORLY.com (or google)

Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Blushes- Pink Sorbet / Pink Rose

Rimmel London has amazed me again, I have tried many cosmetics from this brand ranging from lipsticks to lip glosses, eye shadows, mascara etc. and have been so far pretty pleased with the quality of their products, so I love blushes and decided to go ahead and finally pick one of theirs up. And boy am I happy I did, I can’t believe the great color and texture these blushes have. Rimmel sates that they are long lasting, natural sheer finish and smudge resistant, which I must agree with, I have used them both for about 2 weeks and really love how they last and stay put and applied correctly and blended nicely they are very natural looking as well.

TEXTURE: They have such a smooth buttery powder feel, as if they were finely milled and the color what can I say?, but these puppies will go a long, long way, the pigmentation is great with a nice sweep of your brush you get great color and blendability as well.

The two blushes that I have picked up and tried are Pink Sorbet, and Pink Rose (see swatches below).
COLOR: The colors in the packaging at a first glance would seem a little similar and I almost left one, but I am happy I grabbed both because to my surprise they are pretty different, where as Pink Sorbet is a more soft peachy pink, with slight sheen to it, and Pink Rose is more pinky with a slight, slight hint of mauve to it and a bit of shimmer.

DUPES: Pink Rose almost reminds me of Coy Girl by MAC but a slight less mauve and Coy Girl has no shimmer. But this is a great dupe for Coy Girl.

Pink Sorbet almost reminds me of Peechykeen by MAC. But MAC’s is a bit more sheen also a great dupe, if you aren’t interested in paying MAC’s prices.

PRICE/ WHERE TO BUY: I picked up mines at CVS on sale for $3.00 (us) each, but at regular price they run for about $5.99 (us) but be sure to check out Wal- Mart I believe for around $5.00(us) each.

Pink Sorbet Top Swatch / Pink Rose Bottom Swatch:

Pink Rose Left / Pink Sorbet Right:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Holy Grail Lipstick!!! Rimmel London- AIRY FAIRY

Ohhhhhh my have I found the color I love!!, you know when you get that feeling that you need to go back and buy every last lipstick in the shade you fell in love with, well this is how I felt when I found this beautiful shade. (I didn't go and buy them all! LOL!!)

Airy Fairy by Rimmel London is such a beautiful deep beigey pinky mauvey color??? (I don't know if that makes sense really? *please see swatch below* All Rimmel London's l/s are so smooth and creamy I don't feel the need to apply a balm, or moisturizer to my lips before applying the l/s, and the color lasts a long time. They have some what of a hint of cinnamon smell, but it's a sweet smell. I only have a couple of shades from them, but since i was so impressed by the few i got I am tempted to go and try more, they really amaze me how great the quality is for the price!!

This shade reminds me of my Too Faced lipstick in Centerfold, just a little darker, but a really great dupe.

I want to where this shade every day with Rimmel London's Lip Gloss in Snob which is my favorite lip gloss by Rimmel London, and it compliments this shade very well, it is also a nice nudey pinky shade with a hint of shimmer.

I can where the lip glosses by Rimmel London alone because the pigmentation is great and last a long time as well, but when paired with one of RL lipsticks the duo is great!!! 

I purchased this Rimmel London lipstick in Airy Fairy from my local CVS for $5.99 (us) but check out
Wal-Mart as well, I believe you can get it for only $5.00(us) from then which is where I am headed when I run out.  See swatches below.

Photo swatch of RL l/s in Airy Fairy:
bottom swatched heavily, top is only one swipe

NYX Lippies

Okay so I am a lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm lover, and on and on and on, I love lip anything LOL!!! If you've checked out my channel on you tube you might figure that out quick. (evitaw2)

As for my NYX lippie collection what can I say then I totally love it and am very happy with NYX lip products. I own a few from each collection i.e. round l/s, black label l/s and a few in the lip gloss area.

They have yet to disappoint me, the pigmentation is great, they are smooth and cream and I mean this for the lip sticks and lip glosses. I love the staying power the color delivers, the brush on glosses and the megashine glosses are even pretty moisturizing my lips never dry out they always stay so smooth. The lip glosses be it any from this brand i.e. brush on, megashine, or even diamond sparkle among others are very nice over any of the NYX lipsticks too. I love combining the two together. The lip glosses by NYX smell wonderful they have a sweet smell with a slight vanilla undertone, they are also very pigmented, you ever get a lip gloss and think that the color in the tube is going to show up on your lips and then you are disappointed when it doesn't and its clear!!1 (I know that can be frustrating) well with the lip glosses by NYX (megashine, diamond sparkle, brush on) that is opposite, these babies show up and the show up nicely, you can even build the color on your lips for a more intense color. All in all I love them and totally recommend all lipsticks, lip glosses from NYX any day! I can' wait to get more.

PRICE / PURCHASE: It is hard to give really any prices for these because so many retailers sell them at different prices, but never more then $6.00 (us) I personally got all of mine from NYX.com during the going bananas sale they had in the beginning of 2010 and I got them all for only $1.00 (YEAH!!!) I was so happy. But you can subscribe to NYX newsletter and they will update you on sales, etc. Also check out Cherryculture.com,(they tend to have them from $1.50-$3.00(us), among others.

Below you will find a couple swatches of my favorite lippies from NYX. (any swatch on a particaular color I may have? message me : )

Photo # 1: Round L/S:
Strawberry Milk
Indian Pink
Creamy Beige

Photo # 2: Black Lable L/S:
Peachlove BL52
Athena BL24
Sky Pink BL12
Bare BL54
Clio BL03
Photo # 3: Brush On Lip Gloss:
Cosmo Politan
Lilic Field
Golden Mauve

Photo # 4: Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss:
Pink Sparkle
Plum Sparkle
Gold Sparkle
Beige Sparkle
Silver Sprakle

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MAC Mocha blush / MAC blush review

Okay so I love blushes and I am willing to try any brand that gets good reviews.

But my love for blushes came from MAC cosmetics. They are by far by “in my personal opinion” the best blushes out there, I love them, and I want them all!!! (Just joking)

But I have grown my collection over the past year and I am very happy with it at this point (please check out evitaw2 on you tube for hauls, including MAC blushes and more swatches)
MAC blushes…. where do I start? First the pigmentation, when you buy a blush you think well is this going to give me that color I am looking for? will it show up or have great color? These blushes by MAC do!
And next the color: MAC has such a wonderful variety of colors you can’t go wrong with finding what color you need with them.

I love the color pay off with any of their blushes, be it sheertone, shimmer, frost or matte even beauty powder blushes, mineralized blushes and cream blushes, among others, they all have great color, and are very buildable with out looking powdery or cakey.

Then the texture they are so smooth and soft; they blend in your skin so easily and have great staying power.

Today’s featured blush for this post is the Mocha blush which is a matte finish. I love this shade it is a nice soft muted dirty pink with a hint of brown undertones but way more pink then anything, which is what I love. I tend to go towards pinker under toned blushes.
This shade Mocha would be great paired with a cream blush base like take MAC’s ladyblush or posey cream blushes, they would be great under this shade.
I love to use my MAC 168 to apply my powder blushes but any nice soft but firm blush brush would do, like always I recommend applying your blushes in a patting motion on your targeted area and then buffing it out with a kabuki brush / buffer brush (i.e. MAC 182 see post)

PRICE / WHERE TO BUY: maccosmetics.com, local MAC counter, etc. retails for $15.50 (us) this is for the pro pan refill (which fits in the blush palettes by MAC) or you can get it in the MAC compact for $18.50 (us)

MAC 182 brush

I have told my self time and time again “Evita you don’t need this brush, you have other buffer brushes” but like I have mentioned before I love all MAC Cosmetics, and Brushes, and I needed to complete my MAC brush collection (at least the ones I felt I needed) but this dose not mean my opinion isn’t truthful and honest about MAC or any other brand for that matter. So I broke down and finally got it.

But I most admit MAC cease to disappoint me with any of the products I have purchased from them.

Today I am speaking about the MAC 182 buffer brush (or kabuki brush) I have tried many buffer brushes from many brands out there, including essence of beauty, physicians formula, Sigma, POSH, Sheer Cover minerals, NYC, etc. and my MAC 182 is by far the best.

QUALITY: This brush is so soft and I mean SOFT like a buttery soft creamy brush!!! LOL : ) Nice and dense and soft, great for many applications (see below) This brush dose not shed whatsoever and cleans very well, and if cleaned properly and taken care of, it keeps its shape wonderfully. *Check out you tube for great brush cleansing advice (I will have a video up soon on my channel on how I clean my make up brushes and what I use)

This may be the softest brush I own and if you’ve checked out my you tube channel (evitaw2) you will see I have a large collection in cosmetic brushes. I love brushes I don’t know why I guess it’s the fun of it all, changing which brushes you use to complete your look of the day gives me joy to enjoy the whole make up process, it’s like buying different colors of lipstick or eye shadow, you like to change the look up. Well for me I enjoy using different brushes from different brands.

USE / APPLICATION: This MAC 182 is a great brush for buffing in powder foundation or loose powders, applying bronzer’s, translucent powders, etc. or even buffing out harsh blush or buffing in cream blushes etc. I love it personally for buffing in my MSF /natural and buffing out my cream/ powder blushes.

If you are interested in the MAC 182 and aren’t interested in paying the price check out the essence of beauty kabuki brush at CVS (cvs.com) it is a nice dupe for only $9.99-10.99 (us) or even check out POSH kabuki brush at K MART ( Google) running for about $ 15.00 (us)

PRICE / WHERE TO BUY: maccosmetics.com or your local MAC counter / store for $45.00 (us)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PANDORA Bead Bracelets

Before Make up, before Purses, I have always loved jewelry since I can remember when I was a little girl, and for the past couple of years I have taken an interest in these exquisite beads by Pandora.

Pandora makes these wonderful versatile beads ranging from animals, to boys and girls, angles, fish, items, etc. almost anything you can imagine!!! (see a few photos below)

First you pick out among many choices your preferred bracelet may it be sterling silver, gold, two tone, or even corded leather bracelets, etc. (either with the Pandora clasp or a lobster clasp, etc.) As for the beautiful bracelets the variety in gold or silver they are sectioned off in three, and split up by a screwing mechanism (see photo below) this is where you screw your beads to pass to the next section as your collection grows or keep it simple with a few beads placed randomly in the three sections to move and rotate freely, on this screw mechanism is also a option to cap it off with one of Pandora’s clasp beads that come in multiple designs and metals (i.e. gold, silver, two tone) this bead although it rotates freely it will stay in place blocking the other beads from moving to the next section giving you the opportunity to create your own designed bracelet.

Second you start to pick out your beads, this beautiful array of beads from sterling silver to gold, even two tones some with stones, pearls, even diamonds, and ones with dangles too. Even glass Murano beads come in silver or gold (the inner metal screw part only) they are all exquisite.

I personally took a liking towards the silver and two tone beads as the gold one’s are very pricey. ( So basically my gold Pandora bracelet is pretty bare, with only one gold spacer on it, but the bracelets are even beautiful own their on) (See photo below)

You can choose to only have a few beads that rotate and move freely or fill your whole bracelet. Their line includes the beads, clasps, murano glass beads and wooden beads, and spacers, dangles, etc. (Spacers: basically fillers with no inner screw) they also have safety chains which is a two sided bead small chain that screws on either end of the bracelet adding extra security. (Especially after the investment you’ll make you may consider added security) Not saying these bracelets aren’t sturdy enough!!

They also have the same concept as their bracelets with the option to do your own bead design with a necklace available in the same designs as their bracelets.
Among the beads and bracelets which they are mainly known for Pandora has a very large selection of jewelry including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. Google Pandora beads / Jewelry for their main site or other retailers near you.

A video on these Bracelets should be up soon. Please check out my channel @ evitaw2 on you tube. (Sorry if I omit anything, ask any questions you may have either here on there thanks for reading!!!!)

These items mentioned as anything on my blog is all purchased by me with my own money I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in any of my posts on my blog.

Monday, June 14, 2010

POSH small Travel duo brush set

The Posh Travel duo brush set is a great little on the go set for your eye's. I love this set I carry it in my make up bag always, and it fits perfect.
It's nice that they are duo brushes; it helps with having to carry way less stuff with you and it is more compact and easier to use as well when you are out and about and need a quick touch up.

QUALITY: These brushes are by far great quality too, which I was skeptical because of the price I was sure I would expect some down falls, but I can't find any. The bristles are softer where needed and dense when needed (i.e. eyeliner, concealer brush) there is no shedding whatsoever I seriously did not have one little hair come out even after cleaning them too. I was so excited to have found such a great little travel set at a great price.


Duo eyeliner brush (dense, white synthetic bristles)

Duo brow and smudge brush (soft but dense brow, natural bristles,( soft sponge smudge tip)

Duo conceal and touch up brush (soft and firm on both ends the conceal side is synthetic bristles, the touch up side is comparable to MAC’s 239 natural white haired brush)

Duo Smokey and Eye shadow brush (are both very soft, Smokey is a large point natural bristles, and the eye shadow side is a soft slanted brush natural bristles)

All these come in a sleek black small zip around case (see photos)

PRICE / WHERE TO BUY: This is a very good value for all these brushes at only $10-99-$11.99 at my local K MART you could also check out POSH's website but I noticed they charge a whole lot more for all their brushes, when K MART has a majority of their brush line much cheaper.


HEEL TO TOE foot softener balm

Well ladies as we all know summer is here, and the slipper's, sandals, and high heels are out! It's time to make sure our feet are presentable. LOL!!!
I love going to get my feet done at the nail salon and they look so nice and smooth afterwards but when you are wearing sandals and open shoes on a regular basis during the summer months your feet tend to dry out quicker since they are more often exposed. And I personally have found a great quick on the spot fixer upper, but it also is preventative as well. This HEEL TO TOE foot balm is great not only does it smell great it has a wonderful balmy but not to thick or sticky consistency.
This balm automatically transforms your feet to this smooth fresh looking texture. And for me it lasts all day, but it helps heel and prevent any further damaged especially when used on a daily basis before wearing any open type shoes / sandals. Also great for the winter months too, applying it on your feet before putting on your socks or before bed time is great for always keeping those smooth soft feet it contains soy bean oil and lanolin great for deep penetration and protection for the skin.

PRICE/ WHERE TO BUY: retails for $5.99(US) at my local Sally Beauty Supply, or try google for online sales.

REVLON Lip Gloss - Peach Petal # 150

All the rave is true this color is magnificent, if you love NARS striptease or even MAC's boy bait then you should be happy to find a pretty close dupe for those two.  I am happy to have heard about this color and had to get my hands on it. This is perfect for toning down any lipstick you'd like to make softer or even change any color in to a more nudey shade (if that makes any sense) LOL!!! This color is among others they have recently released in the recent months. I have had the privilege to have gotten all the shades and I will post more swatches of the others soon. (i.e. coral reef (bright creamy coral), lavender pastel (soft lilacy pastely lavender), pink pop (bright but soft creamy pink) all have no glitter or shimmer.

COLOR: This is a nude very slight peachy creamy color with no glitter or shimmer.

TEXTURE/PIGMENTATION: Revlon lip gloss's have a great consistency and texture they aren't to thin but not to thick or even sticky they are nice and smooth and creamy, they have no real smell other then that lipstick type smell but very faint (???) but Revlon lip glosses always have wonderful color pay off and are great when worn alone, and even better with a complimenting lipstick. I would have to recommend using Revlon Color burst lipsticks as a combo with any of their lip glosses as they are so smooth and their color is great and they last a long time.

BRUSH/APPLICATION: I would recommend using MAC's 316 or 318 lip brushes for application over another lipstick so not to alter the color of your lip gloss in the container or the wand which could alter future applications as well. But if you are always wearing it as a lip gloss on it's own then wand away!!!

PRICE / WHERE TO BUY: I have seen these at my local CVS retailing for $7.99-8.99each (US), but was happy I waited and got to get them all at my local WAL-MART for only $5.99 each (US)

MAC Mineralized Blush- Dainty

Honestly I love anything and everything MAC, they are among others a great cosmetic line in great quality affordable higher end make up. In this case their blushes are by far the best for me, and my favorite #1 choice for blushes. I have tried many blushes from many brands and I personally always go back to MAC, for that pigmentation, the color variety, and the staying power they deliver.

BENEFITS: MAC mineralized blushes are great it's like two in one, you get the color and the shimmer/highlight all in one. Lighter mineralized blushes can even be used as a highlight only when applied lightly down the nose, on the upper cheek etc. (like using a MSF)

COLOR: MAC dainty is a wonderful soft baby slight slight peach pink w/ subtle shimmer, not glitter.

BRUSH/ APPLICATION: I would suggest using a 116 or a 129 and place it in a patting motion first to avoid the shimmer fall out then blend lightly. You can also increase better staying power if a cream blush is applied first as a base i.e. MAC ladyblush (soft pink color)

PRICE/ WHERE TO BUY: I personally always suggest checking your CCO (Company Cosmetics Outlet) to try and obtain any MAC cosmetics at a cheaper price. Mineralized blushes run for 14.75 @ CCO's.
on MAC.com or any other legit retailers (i.e. NORDSTROMS, MACY'S, DILLARD'S etc.) they retail for  $21.00 (US)

DUPE: All though I could not find cheaper alternative for this blush, but if you have the MAC MSF in porcelain pink then this would act as a nice dupe if you can't get your hands on dainty, I found the MSF in porcelain pink at my CCO for $19.00 (US).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NARS Mata Hari Blush

What can I say this is an amazing brand of products first of all, NARS really lays down the line when it comes to all of their products, they are great quality, pigmentation, and packaging. As for the price many may agree they are a little steep. With one blush running for a whopping $26.00 (US) wow!!! But I personally must admit you do get your money's worth.

This product in particular (NARS Mata Hari Blush) is very, very pigmented, which means it should last you a long time being that you are only needing to use a very small amount of the product to obtain a nice sweep of color over your cheeks. The lasting power is great as well so no real need to re-apply through out the day another great plus for a powder blush. The packaging is a nice sleek compact for an easy on the go blush that also comes with a mirror. 

COLOR / PIGMENTATION: As for the Mata Hari blush it self the color is amazing to this date I personally have yet to encounter any close matched dupe for it, this soft nude matte pinky mauvey (no shimmer/no sheen) color is so beautiful when applied just ever so slightly on the cheeks, all though if you prefer a more buildable color as well this will totally get the job done w/o to much work, blends great and with a nice soft subtle highlight applied over the tops of the cheeks it would amplified this color even more.  Great applied lightly for light to medium skin tones,and beautiful as well when applied a little more builded on darker skin tones. 

BRUSH: I would personally recommend using a MAC 168 (or a comparable brush like one's from essence of beauty or sigma, coastal scents) basically any slanted soft white goat hair brush would work for application.

WHERE TO BUY / PRICE: $26.00 (US) @ Sephora (or Sephora.com)  Nars.com, Beauty.com among others.

If you'd like any more details please message me and I will get back to you ASAP.