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Monday, June 14, 2010

HEEL TO TOE foot softener balm

Well ladies as we all know summer is here, and the slipper's, sandals, and high heels are out! It's time to make sure our feet are presentable. LOL!!!
I love going to get my feet done at the nail salon and they look so nice and smooth afterwards but when you are wearing sandals and open shoes on a regular basis during the summer months your feet tend to dry out quicker since they are more often exposed. And I personally have found a great quick on the spot fixer upper, but it also is preventative as well. This HEEL TO TOE foot balm is great not only does it smell great it has a wonderful balmy but not to thick or sticky consistency.
This balm automatically transforms your feet to this smooth fresh looking texture. And for me it lasts all day, but it helps heel and prevent any further damaged especially when used on a daily basis before wearing any open type shoes / sandals. Also great for the winter months too, applying it on your feet before putting on your socks or before bed time is great for always keeping those smooth soft feet it contains soy bean oil and lanolin great for deep penetration and protection for the skin.

PRICE/ WHERE TO BUY: retails for $5.99(US) at my local Sally Beauty Supply, or try google for online sales.

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  1. awesome! i really wanna try this, ive been looking for something like this all my life ;) lol. ur awesome evita, thx 4 da great info!