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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MAC 182 brush

I have told my self time and time again “Evita you don’t need this brush, you have other buffer brushes” but like I have mentioned before I love all MAC Cosmetics, and Brushes, and I needed to complete my MAC brush collection (at least the ones I felt I needed) but this dose not mean my opinion isn’t truthful and honest about MAC or any other brand for that matter. So I broke down and finally got it.

But I most admit MAC cease to disappoint me with any of the products I have purchased from them.

Today I am speaking about the MAC 182 buffer brush (or kabuki brush) I have tried many buffer brushes from many brands out there, including essence of beauty, physicians formula, Sigma, POSH, Sheer Cover minerals, NYC, etc. and my MAC 182 is by far the best.

QUALITY: This brush is so soft and I mean SOFT like a buttery soft creamy brush!!! LOL : ) Nice and dense and soft, great for many applications (see below) This brush dose not shed whatsoever and cleans very well, and if cleaned properly and taken care of, it keeps its shape wonderfully. *Check out you tube for great brush cleansing advice (I will have a video up soon on my channel on how I clean my make up brushes and what I use)

This may be the softest brush I own and if you’ve checked out my you tube channel (evitaw2) you will see I have a large collection in cosmetic brushes. I love brushes I don’t know why I guess it’s the fun of it all, changing which brushes you use to complete your look of the day gives me joy to enjoy the whole make up process, it’s like buying different colors of lipstick or eye shadow, you like to change the look up. Well for me I enjoy using different brushes from different brands.

USE / APPLICATION: This MAC 182 is a great brush for buffing in powder foundation or loose powders, applying bronzer’s, translucent powders, etc. or even buffing out harsh blush or buffing in cream blushes etc. I love it personally for buffing in my MSF /natural and buffing out my cream/ powder blushes.

If you are interested in the MAC 182 and aren’t interested in paying the price check out the essence of beauty kabuki brush at CVS (cvs.com) it is a nice dupe for only $9.99-10.99 (us) or even check out POSH kabuki brush at K MART ( Google) running for about $ 15.00 (us)

PRICE / WHERE TO BUY: maccosmetics.com or your local MAC counter / store for $45.00 (us)

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