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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Holy Grail Lipstick!!! Rimmel London- AIRY FAIRY

Ohhhhhh my have I found the color I love!!, you know when you get that feeling that you need to go back and buy every last lipstick in the shade you fell in love with, well this is how I felt when I found this beautiful shade. (I didn't go and buy them all! LOL!!)

Airy Fairy by Rimmel London is such a beautiful deep beigey pinky mauvey color??? (I don't know if that makes sense really? *please see swatch below* All Rimmel London's l/s are so smooth and creamy I don't feel the need to apply a balm, or moisturizer to my lips before applying the l/s, and the color lasts a long time. They have some what of a hint of cinnamon smell, but it's a sweet smell. I only have a couple of shades from them, but since i was so impressed by the few i got I am tempted to go and try more, they really amaze me how great the quality is for the price!!

This shade reminds me of my Too Faced lipstick in Centerfold, just a little darker, but a really great dupe.

I want to where this shade every day with Rimmel London's Lip Gloss in Snob which is my favorite lip gloss by Rimmel London, and it compliments this shade very well, it is also a nice nudey pinky shade with a hint of shimmer.

I can where the lip glosses by Rimmel London alone because the pigmentation is great and last a long time as well, but when paired with one of RL lipsticks the duo is great!!! 

I purchased this Rimmel London lipstick in Airy Fairy from my local CVS for $5.99 (us) but check out
Wal-Mart as well, I believe you can get it for only $5.00(us) from then which is where I am headed when I run out.  See swatches below.

Photo swatch of RL l/s in Airy Fairy:
bottom swatched heavily, top is only one swipe

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  1. i also have been dying to try this lippie but it kinda looks too pinky for my tanned skin tone, what color would u recommend for me? ;)