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Thursday, June 17, 2010

NYX Lippies

Okay so I am a lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm lover, and on and on and on, I love lip anything LOL!!! If you've checked out my channel on you tube you might figure that out quick. (evitaw2)

As for my NYX lippie collection what can I say then I totally love it and am very happy with NYX lip products. I own a few from each collection i.e. round l/s, black label l/s and a few in the lip gloss area.

They have yet to disappoint me, the pigmentation is great, they are smooth and cream and I mean this for the lip sticks and lip glosses. I love the staying power the color delivers, the brush on glosses and the megashine glosses are even pretty moisturizing my lips never dry out they always stay so smooth. The lip glosses be it any from this brand i.e. brush on, megashine, or even diamond sparkle among others are very nice over any of the NYX lipsticks too. I love combining the two together. The lip glosses by NYX smell wonderful they have a sweet smell with a slight vanilla undertone, they are also very pigmented, you ever get a lip gloss and think that the color in the tube is going to show up on your lips and then you are disappointed when it doesn't and its clear!!1 (I know that can be frustrating) well with the lip glosses by NYX (megashine, diamond sparkle, brush on) that is opposite, these babies show up and the show up nicely, you can even build the color on your lips for a more intense color. All in all I love them and totally recommend all lipsticks, lip glosses from NYX any day! I can' wait to get more.

PRICE / PURCHASE: It is hard to give really any prices for these because so many retailers sell them at different prices, but never more then $6.00 (us) I personally got all of mine from NYX.com during the going bananas sale they had in the beginning of 2010 and I got them all for only $1.00 (YEAH!!!) I was so happy. But you can subscribe to NYX newsletter and they will update you on sales, etc. Also check out Cherryculture.com,(they tend to have them from $1.50-$3.00(us), among others.

Below you will find a couple swatches of my favorite lippies from NYX. (any swatch on a particaular color I may have? message me : )

Photo # 1: Round L/S:
Strawberry Milk
Indian Pink
Creamy Beige

Photo # 2: Black Lable L/S:
Peachlove BL52
Athena BL24
Sky Pink BL12
Bare BL54
Clio BL03
Photo # 3: Brush On Lip Gloss:
Cosmo Politan
Lilic Field
Golden Mauve

Photo # 4: Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss:
Pink Sparkle
Plum Sparkle
Gold Sparkle
Beige Sparkle
Silver Sprakle

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  1. i luv all ur NYX lippies! i gotta get sum more ;) i only have like two but i def plan to buy sum in da near future. its just so hard finding the right shade for my skin tone, u know ;)