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Friday, June 18, 2010


I really prefer ORLY nail lacquer's when it comes to my nail polish preference, I have a very large collection of nail polishes. And I majority of that collection is ORLY, only because they are great, great color, texture, and staying power too.

This shade in ''Lift the Veil'' is such a beautiful creamy light pink, it reminds me of a soft creamy cold  strawberry shake!!! These ORLY nail lacquer's apply so smoothly and are buildable for a more intense color but one to two coats gives the color you see in the jar.

I love the fact that I can wash dishes, take a shower, clean and more and these nail lacquer's by ORLY will last 5x's longer then other brands I have tried. (i.e. wet n wild, Sally Hansen, O.P.I, etc.)

I like to use Nutra Nail green tea nail strengthener as a base & top coat, it really gives that shine and helps the color last longer and not chip or peel. Plus added nutrition for the nails is always a plus.

I love doing my own manicure's and pedicures so the money I save from not going to the salon I like to pick these up and know I am using a good quality nail lacquer. Please see swatch below.

WHERE TO BUY/ PRICE: CVS for about $6.99-$7.99 (check for sales) or check out ORLY.com (or google)

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  1. I got this at Sally's for $6 and absolutely love it! It's my go-to light pink, and that's exactly how i'd describe the color-- like a strawberry milkshake. I have another ORLY nail polish as well and it was very long lasting so I expect this one to be too. Love ORLY's rubber grips on the applicators.