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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PANDORA Bead Bracelets

Before Make up, before Purses, I have always loved jewelry since I can remember when I was a little girl, and for the past couple of years I have taken an interest in these exquisite beads by Pandora.

Pandora makes these wonderful versatile beads ranging from animals, to boys and girls, angles, fish, items, etc. almost anything you can imagine!!! (see a few photos below)

First you pick out among many choices your preferred bracelet may it be sterling silver, gold, two tone, or even corded leather bracelets, etc. (either with the Pandora clasp or a lobster clasp, etc.) As for the beautiful bracelets the variety in gold or silver they are sectioned off in three, and split up by a screwing mechanism (see photo below) this is where you screw your beads to pass to the next section as your collection grows or keep it simple with a few beads placed randomly in the three sections to move and rotate freely, on this screw mechanism is also a option to cap it off with one of Pandora’s clasp beads that come in multiple designs and metals (i.e. gold, silver, two tone) this bead although it rotates freely it will stay in place blocking the other beads from moving to the next section giving you the opportunity to create your own designed bracelet.

Second you start to pick out your beads, this beautiful array of beads from sterling silver to gold, even two tones some with stones, pearls, even diamonds, and ones with dangles too. Even glass Murano beads come in silver or gold (the inner metal screw part only) they are all exquisite.

I personally took a liking towards the silver and two tone beads as the gold one’s are very pricey. ( So basically my gold Pandora bracelet is pretty bare, with only one gold spacer on it, but the bracelets are even beautiful own their on) (See photo below)

You can choose to only have a few beads that rotate and move freely or fill your whole bracelet. Their line includes the beads, clasps, murano glass beads and wooden beads, and spacers, dangles, etc. (Spacers: basically fillers with no inner screw) they also have safety chains which is a two sided bead small chain that screws on either end of the bracelet adding extra security. (Especially after the investment you’ll make you may consider added security) Not saying these bracelets aren’t sturdy enough!!

They also have the same concept as their bracelets with the option to do your own bead design with a necklace available in the same designs as their bracelets.
Among the beads and bracelets which they are mainly known for Pandora has a very large selection of jewelry including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc. Google Pandora beads / Jewelry for their main site or other retailers near you.

A video on these Bracelets should be up soon. Please check out my channel @ evitaw2 on you tube. (Sorry if I omit anything, ask any questions you may have either here on there thanks for reading!!!!)

These items mentioned as anything on my blog is all purchased by me with my own money I am not in any way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in any of my posts on my blog.


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