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Monday, June 14, 2010

REVLON Lip Gloss - Peach Petal # 150

All the rave is true this color is magnificent, if you love NARS striptease or even MAC's boy bait then you should be happy to find a pretty close dupe for those two.  I am happy to have heard about this color and had to get my hands on it. This is perfect for toning down any lipstick you'd like to make softer or even change any color in to a more nudey shade (if that makes any sense) LOL!!! This color is among others they have recently released in the recent months. I have had the privilege to have gotten all the shades and I will post more swatches of the others soon. (i.e. coral reef (bright creamy coral), lavender pastel (soft lilacy pastely lavender), pink pop (bright but soft creamy pink) all have no glitter or shimmer.

COLOR: This is a nude very slight peachy creamy color with no glitter or shimmer.

TEXTURE/PIGMENTATION: Revlon lip gloss's have a great consistency and texture they aren't to thin but not to thick or even sticky they are nice and smooth and creamy, they have no real smell other then that lipstick type smell but very faint (???) but Revlon lip glosses always have wonderful color pay off and are great when worn alone, and even better with a complimenting lipstick. I would have to recommend using Revlon Color burst lipsticks as a combo with any of their lip glosses as they are so smooth and their color is great and they last a long time.

BRUSH/APPLICATION: I would recommend using MAC's 316 or 318 lip brushes for application over another lipstick so not to alter the color of your lip gloss in the container or the wand which could alter future applications as well. But if you are always wearing it as a lip gloss on it's own then wand away!!!

PRICE / WHERE TO BUY: I have seen these at my local CVS retailing for $7.99-8.99each (US), but was happy I waited and got to get them all at my local WAL-MART for only $5.99 each (US)

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  1. I have bought this gloss and lilac;) I cant wait for them!