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Friday, June 18, 2010

Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish Blushes- Pink Sorbet / Pink Rose

Rimmel London has amazed me again, I have tried many cosmetics from this brand ranging from lipsticks to lip glosses, eye shadows, mascara etc. and have been so far pretty pleased with the quality of their products, so I love blushes and decided to go ahead and finally pick one of theirs up. And boy am I happy I did, I can’t believe the great color and texture these blushes have. Rimmel sates that they are long lasting, natural sheer finish and smudge resistant, which I must agree with, I have used them both for about 2 weeks and really love how they last and stay put and applied correctly and blended nicely they are very natural looking as well.

TEXTURE: They have such a smooth buttery powder feel, as if they were finely milled and the color what can I say?, but these puppies will go a long, long way, the pigmentation is great with a nice sweep of your brush you get great color and blendability as well.

The two blushes that I have picked up and tried are Pink Sorbet, and Pink Rose (see swatches below).
COLOR: The colors in the packaging at a first glance would seem a little similar and I almost left one, but I am happy I grabbed both because to my surprise they are pretty different, where as Pink Sorbet is a more soft peachy pink, with slight sheen to it, and Pink Rose is more pinky with a slight, slight hint of mauve to it and a bit of shimmer.

DUPES: Pink Rose almost reminds me of Coy Girl by MAC but a slight less mauve and Coy Girl has no shimmer. But this is a great dupe for Coy Girl.

Pink Sorbet almost reminds me of Peechykeen by MAC. But MAC’s is a bit more sheen also a great dupe, if you aren’t interested in paying MAC’s prices.

PRICE/ WHERE TO BUY: I picked up mines at CVS on sale for $3.00 (us) each, but at regular price they run for about $5.99 (us) but be sure to check out Wal- Mart I believe for around $5.00(us) each.

Pink Sorbet Top Swatch / Pink Rose Bottom Swatch:

Pink Rose Left / Pink Sorbet Right:

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  1. omg, i've been dying to try their blushes n now i know which ones to buy ;)