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Thursday, July 15, 2010

EOS Lip Balm's

EOS Lip Balm's are not only great lip care but the packaging is to die for, the cutest thing I have seen!!!
(see photo below) If you are like me I am a total sucker for packaging ( although the products has to be good too)

I personally picked up 3 flavors, honey dew honey suckle (green ball), summer fruit (red ball), and vanilla bean (in a regular l/s tube,off white color) I know that there is a lemon drop (new) out there but I haven't gotten my hands on that one yet. :(

I love these lip balms they are great quality lip care for the price, the texture is great and they contain Shea butter and other natural oils, which is great for moisturizing and protecting your lips. I have used mines every day since I've gotten them and already notice a difference in how smooth my lips are!!!

They smell amazing, I must admit they are true to there names, although summer fruit is more like a guava smell if you are familiar with that? But it's my favorite scent out of all the ones I have, now i must admit I am a sucker for citrus so once I get the lemon drop we'll see if I change my mind? LOL!!!

Anyways photo's are below, and pricing and where to buy, I really recommend any one getting these they are amazing, I should have a haul posted on my you tube channel soon with these in it (evitaw2) Thanks for stopping by my blog hope you enjoy, and follow me for all future posts : )

PRICING / WHERE TO BUY: Rite Aid or online (google) I got them at Rite Aid for $3.29 each.

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