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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

L.A. Colors: Color Craze Nail Polish Swatches / Review

I love these new nail polishes by L.A. colors the "COLOR CRAZE" collection, I picked up a couple at my local Dollar Tree and I am very pleased at the quality and pigmentation for only $1.00, They were all very thick and creamy not runny or watered down, and they all have great pigmentation as well. They last fairly long with care, and dry fast too, if applied 2 coats it adds a little more density to the color, but even one coat does the job too for some of the more solid colors. I would say definitely check these out!!! There are more colors available, I got the colors I prefer more for me, but I saw a gold, silver, reddish brown color,dense white, and a shimmery black, a cobalt shimmery blue, among other fun colors I did not pick up as of yet. But see swatches below for the ones I did get, ENJOY!!! : )

Phenomena: Another fave, this is more of a eggplant type purple
2 coats applied for more of a darker purple color.
Current: sheer silver shimmer lighter kiwi green

Static Electricity: OOOOh such a nice dense, as well as bright and on the darker side blue

Atomic: 2nd fave, nice bright dense Turquoise with a hint of blue so creamy no shimmer
Sorry did not get the name since I through away the package, but this is one of a kind no other color like it:
Silver shimmery redish pinky metal color
Magnetic Force: Bright dense coral with a hint of pink undertones

Sorry through out package before I realized the bottles don't have the names on it, but this color is in it's own
Nude with a pink duochrome sheen:

Fuel: Shimmery (not glittery) pinky sheer

Nuclear Energy: Deep dense creamy bright purple color

Electric Charge: Creamy Pinky Coral, my personal favortie color:

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  1. omg evita, i love that 'nude with a pink duochrome sheen' nail polish from L.A. Colors!! i want it but i dont know where they sell L.A. Colors here in az :( i also love that 'nuclear energy' nail polish =) u know i love my purples!!
    xoxo ~y