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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey Ladies, so I felt terrible that I have not been able to upload any you tube videos recently, and I have a ton pre- recorded too, a lot of hauls, and purse videos even some reviews!!! ( I am so upset) my computer is acting up and won't complete my downloads? So until I can remedy the situation I will try my best to post hauls, and stuff like that on my blog. Hopefully my lovely subbies will enjoy this for now. : )
So here goes.......I hope I got the lighting okay? Bare with me I kind of didn't plan this, I was just thinking when I was going through everything I had gotten, "well why not do some photos and post it on my blogs for the one's that enjoy hauls" Anyways back to the haul, I have really been wanting to try a couple of things from benefit, and wanted to get some multi colored eye liners for future tutorials I am planning. (with hopes I can get my computer fixed?) : (  Other then that I am so far liking everything I got, I usually do some investigation before getting a product to see if I will like it, and I think I am going to love all the items I got.
In the haul:
Benefit lemon aid (color corrector for the eyes / base)
Benefit erase paste 02 ( concealer / brightener)
(3) benefit lip glosses ( who are you wearing? pink shade, friends in high places, mauvey pink glittery shade, life on the A list pinky nude peachy shade)
In order of the swatches: Eyeliners, etc.
Korres E/L-4s-purple
"-7 light grey
"-2 brown
"-13 sky blue
"-9 blue petrol
benefit instant brow pencil-medium to dark (with a spolie at the other end, great for on the go)
benefit high brow-pink linen ( totally loving this as a brow highlight and inner eye H/L too)
korres-1-black ( I love all the eyeliners they are all so smooth and rich color, last great too)
"-6s golden
"-4 green
"-6 metallic grey
"-15 black
MAC pro palette refill pan-lucky green (nice light green sheen color)
MAC pro palette refill pan-sweet lust ( a little glittery then I like but great as a H/L a nice very pale pink)
1-Benefit -Coralista ( already have this shade and love it, got a back up)
2-Benefit "10" highlight and contour box ( liking this so far especially the bronzing side nice soft golden color H/L side is a bit to soft have to kinda build it up, but it does have a nice soft sheen to it)
3-Benefit -Throbb ( a nice bubble gum pink, I would really need to build up a bit but it blends really nice and does not look powdery nice soft pinky color)
Benefit Bad gal lash-black (came with a set) ( have not tried it yet, cause I want to use up others before opening this one) But I love the spolie)
Hey girls, I really hope you enjoyed this, sorry for not being able to swatch all but any request let me know and I will update it with a swatch. Take Care. Hope this will suffice for now. ' )

1 comment:

  1. amazing haul! i luv everything you got, esp the blushes/bronzer u got from Benefit =)
    i dont think ive tried Benefit yet but i want to! ima do a lil haul shopping this thurs but im not sure what to get? there are so many things i want but not enough money :/ lol but its ok, ill just have to choose something =)
    cant wait to see ur next vid evita! ;)
    xoxo ~y