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Saturday, November 6, 2010


Confetti nail lacquer is actually a great nail polish brand, and for a great price too. I got these babies at my local CVS for only $1.99 each.

Let me start off by saying that these polishes are very pigmented and have great color pay off, (swatches below-only one coat & no top coat) what you see in the bottle is what you will actually get on your nail, now we know we have been disappointed here and there when we get a polish and it comes out totally different on our nails then what it looks like in the bottle. Or we have to put on so many coats just to get that color. But not with these, they are very dense color and creamy looking to, which I like in a polish I only need one coat and I am satisfied.

The colors  I picked up and love them all, are: VAVA VOOM, AFTER PARTY, SHOW STOPPER, MOONSTRUCK. I will say out of all of them my total fave is "moon struck" I even went back and picked up the last one, it was the only color that was out of stock! I love it's grayish very opaque purple hue that it has to it.

1-Vava voom is a more subtle violet pink color (index finger swatch)
2-After party is more of a Autumn shade, a very creamy soft terracotta color (middle finger swatch)

3-Show stopper is more of a burgundy on the redder side of the hue's but also like that creamy terracotta color too. (pointer finger swatch)
4-Moon struck (my fave!!)  grayish very opaque purple hue (thumb swatch)

Hope you enjoyed!! Take Care : )


  1. nice nail polishes girly ;) i guess ima have to try these out :p i really need a peachy nail polish cuz i dont have one in my SMALL collection (10) lol but its ok cuz im happy with all ten of my nail polishes =) jejejeje....
    xoxo ~y

  2. I really like those colors of nail polish on other people, but I feel like they don't work out great for me!

    Great post!