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Friday, November 5, 2010


These are a couple of things that I had been wanting to try and I am happy I got them, very happy with all the products. First of all.....many of you may know I love blushes, MAC especially I think they have a broad spectrum of colors to offer any skin tone. I love the cream blushes especially and decided to pick up Brit Wit.
MAC's site description describes it as a dirty plum color, which I most admit kind of is why I did not get it sooner. I thought I am to light complected to pull off a "dirty plum" thinking that is going to be to dark. But long and behold I love it!! It's actually what I have been looking for along the lines of a plumy cream base / blush for other plumy or pinky toned powder blushes I own. My description of it would be a nice opaque plumy with just a very tiny hint of pinky undertone.
I also picked up the cream color base in nude which I am so happy I got, my intentions for this is as a base for a powder blush which I totally recommend for any powder blush to last and have better color pay off is to always apply a cream base of some sort to help it stick and last. So this nice soft nudey peachy color base will do the trick.
I also purchased two pro palette blushes in Melba and Breezy, Ohhhh baby I am loving these colors Melba is a soft peachy nude blush for those soft subtle looks, and Breezy is a nice soft with a soft sheen to it dirty plum color (yeah I think that description better suits this blush, lol) And the last thing I got was MAC's lip erase in Dim, I have been wanting to try this although my lips are not very darkly pigmented there are still a few shades that are a bit opaque or pretty light in color that my lip pigmentation can alter a bit, so I am hoping this product will work for me the consistency is great, nice and smooth like a balm, and it does cover my lips pretty well too, but I have yet to place a color over it and see how long it last any future updated requested please let me know, hope you enjoyed and take care!! : )
(swatches below)

3-CCB nude
4-CB Brit Wit
5-Lip Erase Dim (sorry does not show up)
Sorry lighting is not that great, but colors are as they appear.

1 comment:

  1. great MAC haul evita!! i know u LOVE blushes =) i luv the blushes u got (cream n powder)
    its been months since i bought something from MAC, well, 'til last week ;) jejejeje.... but i only got a lipstick. hope all is well chica ;)
    xoxo ~y