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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pink a Boo! L.A. Nail Laquer Swatch / Review

Okay so first I'd like to apologize for the crappy nails, one broke and I 'know" sad to say I cut off the rest off cause I was mad one broke! I hate walking around with a nail or two broke, it makes all that time you took to grow them and care for them a waste! LOL!!!

But I then took off my nail polish and to make my self feel better about my "terrible mishap" I slapped on this polish in a hurry ( I was heading to work). I love this shade ( Pink a Boo)  it is a nice bright almost on the neon side, slightly there, but it is so wearable and kind of gives off a little spunk, a bit of a kick to any outfit you are wearing casual or dress down, I was wearing work attire and I thought it looked nice! (swatch below, two coats, no top coat) (way better if I had time to put on a top coat, LOL) Wanted to share it with you all, only a $1.00 at my local Dollar General, and the Dollar Tree also has L.A. nail polishes.

Enjoy Ladies. xoxo Evita

1 comment:

  1. Cute color! I looooove when people wear crazy colored nail polish, but I prefer to wear pink colors the most. :) And I know exactly what you mean about breaking only one nail! >:-O

    Thanks for the swatch!