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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wet n Wild Haul (Color Icon E/S swatches+) (Major Picture's)

WOW! Now I must say Wet n Wild deserves a big round of applause for a great come back in my opinion. I remember buying this brand when I was younger and I loved it then. Now back then I did not know to much about other brands or quality for that matter. But I must say through the years I veered away and tried other brands that in comparison were much better then Wet n Wild. But recently they have come back and came back hard, from products in their current collection like the lip sticks, blushes and especially the color icon eye shadows.  The Color Icon shadows are amazingly pigmented and so smooth, and they have such great color pay off, I have not seen such good quality in a drug store brand in a long while.

I had been seeing these Color Icon e/s on you tube, and other blogs and thought "I am not going to get sucked in the hype" I thought they were not going to be good at all. But man was I wrong, wrong indeed. I tried one, then another, and then I was truly convinced and had to go back and get mostly all that are currently out. I also thought why not try a couple other things, like some more mascaras, which I already have some from Wet n Wild and I really enjoy them all (my fave is the mega protein, white packaging).

I also picked up some single color icon e/s which are great just like the ones that come in the palette. Now it goes to show, don't get to excited and go on a shopping spree I thought for $1.99 why not see how the eye make up remover works, uhhhhhh well not that great, first of all it has this weird sweet smell to it, but not the sweet you'd think you'd like. And sad to say it really takes a couple of tries and a whole lot of wiping to get off the e/s and that's just the e/s don't even think it'll take off the mascara that did not happen, LOL!! even after a couple of tries it was like using water. But I digress.....

Ohhhh.... but another thing I am so happy I got is the ultimate mineral bronzer in amber glow (which is known to be a dupe for MAC's stereo rose MSF) I am using this as a blush because it has a pinky bronze-y color to it and is so sweet as a blush, loving it!!!

Hey ladies I rambled enough I love everything in this haul (except the eye make up remover!) Please enjoy the swatches below, and take care have a Wonderful Holiday!

Eye Make Up remover, Ultimate mineral bronzer-Amber Glow




Color icon single e/s-NUTTY
Color Icon Palette-VANITY (my fave palette of all!!)

Ultimate Bronzer-Amber Glow

Color Icon Single e/s- BRULE, SUGAR, PENNY

Color Icon Palette- GREED
Color Icon Palette- LUST
Color Icon palette (LE)- Golden Goddess w/ eyeliner
Color Icon Palette (LE)-Sugar Plum Fairy w/ eyeliner to left

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