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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I really must admit that I love this idea! I was thinking recently that I was neglecting a lot of my drug store e/s and that I had a lot of great shades that I would really like to use, plus the recent purchases of the color icon shadows by wet n wild really pushed me to do this.  I thought how much I really enjoyed the colors, pigmentation and quality of these shadows and that I really wanted to put them to use, so when I found my self putting them away in one of my make up drawers I thought to my self  "now I will forget them there and not use them" so I did not want that to happen especially because I am always reaching for my MAC or coastal scents, MUFE palettes to do my eyes, it is so much easier when all the colors are right there to choose from.

So I decided to get these babies and picked up two so that I could go ahead and depot other shadows I wanted to really start using. So I have a ton more to go and I went over board and couldn't fit all my depoted shadows, but eventually I want to also try the Unii palette which I hear great things about too. That might be what I will get for the rest of my depoted shadows, and future depotees.....LOL!!!  On the actual topic of this post... The Z palette is great, it is sturdy great snap magnetic tight lid, and great magnetic hold for your eye shadows. I did have to buy magnets separately to apply to each shadow, but no biggy. And the only con I'd say is that it is made out of cardboard which with out proper care and handling  it will get dinged up and could possibly tear, so you'd just have to be extra careful with these palettes. So that is why the next ones I may consider getting is the Unii which is hard case plastic and includes a mirror. But I am happy with the Z palette!!! I fit 26 MAC sized shadows in one and 30 color icon shadows (palette sized+ (4 single color icon shadows) + one MAC sized shadow (see below). Hope you enjoyed. ( Check out the photos)

PINK Z with Wet n Wild Color Icon Shadows + 1 Coastal Scents shadow

Leopard Z with Coastal Scents 28 neutral shadows (-1 that did not fit, and 1 that broke! : (

Pink Z Palette, Leopard Z Palette

Leopard Z Palette

Pink Z Palette

Depoting Mania!!

Opened Z Palette, Large Space for lots, and lots of shadows or blushes!!!


  1. I really like wet n wild eyeshadow too bad they are not available in pakistan :(

  2. amazing palettes evita! i luvd them! esp the leopard one! ;) omg, i totally need some of these palettes! ive been thinking bout doing this too cuz i have e/s that i dont use as much just bcuz they're single e/s n they get lost in my big ol' mess, lol! now i gotta look into these palettes, do they have a zebra print too? its cuz lately ive been LOVING leopard print & zebra print!! ;) yay, i can add this to my bday wishlist! my hubby is gonna die when he sees my list, LoL! excellent post evita! 5* keep 'em coming chica! ;) xoxo ~yaya =)