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Friday, December 10, 2010

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil - #011 Sable Brown

So what can I say I actually love a lot of Rimmel's products from their lipsticks, blushes to even the foundation, even the bronzer's are great too. And I am totally in love with the lip glosses they have, if any I would always recommend one of their lip glosses.

Oh yeah we are talking about the eye liner here!! Hello Evita back to the topic! LOL!!! Okay so yeah this is actually a very good liner, I love how smooth it is and how you can apply the color to a more sheer chocolate finish or a deeper darker brown finish. It last all day dose not smudge or run either and the color last so long. It literally smooths on I don't have to hold or pull my eye lid to put this on it just glides right on! #011 Sable brown is a great color cause it is technically a soft brown but you can totally apply it more densely and get a darker effect also great as a nice soft brown base since it is so smooth.

This is great and affordable too, which makes it even better, LOL!!!! I can totally say that when applied a little more dense it reminds me of MAC's teddy eye liner. Hey ladies enjoy your day! And check out the swatch below. ( more post like this to come, any request from products seen in one of my you tube videos please just ask (YT: evitaw2) 

xoxoxo Evita : )

Friday, December 3, 2010


Hello Ladies,

So only prior to this haul have I tried out Korres lip butter's and eyeliner's. Which are great. So I saw a couple of other products from them that I thought I may like as well and wanted to try. 

I picked up a few set's of korres products. I love when a company has special packages where they will give you so many of their products in a set for a great price, check out Sephora or even HSN under Korres if you are interested in any of the products I have in this haul.

On we go..... in this haul I got.....
(In order of swatches below)

(6) L/G: #22 rose, 27 plum, 54 fuchsia, 30 beige (my fave),11 light pink, 25 natural purple

(2) Lip butters: wild rose, plum

(2) Eyeliner’s #1 black and #6s golden

(5) Eye shadows: 77s plum, 66 pink (fave!), 25 golden (fave!)  49 cypress green, 14 ivory

(1) small travel size guava body butter came w/ one of the sets. (shown below) (smells so awesome!!!, I will definitely get the big one!)

Korres glossy red make up bag came in one of the sets that I got. Which is actually a good bag, I thought it would have been a cheapy but no way it’s great I love it and this one I will actually use. lol.

So basically I love all of the items I got like always "I know", but this is my honest opinion, and I will always be truthful.

The eye shadows are so silky smooth and not powdery at all, and the pigmentation is great! I like how they all have this wonderful but subtle sheen to them you would totally need to experience these in person the swatch photo just doesn't do it any justice (but I tried)

The lip glosses are all great and also have great color pay off, you have to check these out, I love how they actually smell like cherries reminds me of when I was younger eating cherry laffy taffy, LOL!!!

The liners are such a dense color, and so creamy they glide on great and last too, much better when applying a powder e/s over to set.

I love korres lip butters and honestly I believe I may own them all now, but I just don't like the smell on these babies I got this time around, same quality and color tint pay off as the others just the smell isn't so great but nothing over bearing that really lingers when applied. Smells like a basic balm with no added sent, could also be that they are a natural product based company, which is great.

The trail size of body butter in guava is so smooth and smells so great, and the smell lingers on your body all day. I kept smelling my arm all day at work LOL!!! Nothing bad that I can say about any of the Korres products that I purchased I love everything I got and hope if you try any that you will too, take care ladies.

#22 rose, 27 plum, 54 fuchsia, 30 beige (my fave),11 light pink, 25 natural purple -Lip butters: wild rose, plum

eye liner black, golden -e/s plum, golden, pink, cypress green (ivory didn't show up really at all on my skin tone)

korres make up bag

e/s cypress green, golden, pink, ivory- e/l black, golden

e/s plum

plum collection set- e/s plum, l/g plum, lip butter plum

 plum colour collection set

plum collection set

beige l/g, rose l/g , lip butter wild rose

natural purple, fuchsia, light pink