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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bobbi Brown Haul + swatches

I have been wanting to try Bobbi Brown blushes / shadows for a while and I love them! I am so happy I got all these shades, they are crazy pigmented so go light, very light with the brush. The swatches are pretty heavy so that you can pick it up in a picture, but they are so pretty when applied lightly and blended nicely. All of these blushes are matte. My next palette will be all of the shimmer / sheen blushes they offer. The one shadow below is great it is a metallic shadow and is very pigmented too. I started a palette since I own another squared shadow by Bobbi Brown  that I got at a CCO. I purchased these all at Bobbi Brown's website (bobbibrown.com) I choose to get a palette for my blushes and one for my e/s because I know that I will use them more often that way. When possible I always try to place shadows, or blushes in a palette if that particular brand offers them.

nectar # 11, Sand Pink # 1, Pale Pink # 9, Desert Pink # 18, Slopes # 17

Gold Dust e/s # 18

Gold Dust e/s # 18

Blush swatches: sand pink #1, slopes #17, nectar # 11, desert pink # 18, pale pink # 9


  1. wow these blushes look so pretty!

  2. these blushes are gorgeous evita! luv 'em! i know u love ur blushes girl! ;D i still havent tried any BBrown products yet :/
    ~yaya y4