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Sunday, May 29, 2011

EOTD: SUMMER BRONZE-NAKED Palette (my first EOTD!!!)

YEAH!!! My first EOTD! I am so excited I finally did this, I got a lot of inspiration from my friend myalcala on You Tube YAYA!! ( www.youtube.com/user/myalcala )She does amazing looks and mines don't hardly compare to hers, she is very talented and I am still learning. I usually go for subtle neutral looks, it's summer out and time to do some nice glowy bronze looks. I love this look, since I got my NAKED palette I have been doing looks like this, it is so exciting all of the colors this palette has to offer and so many ways to apply them. hope you enjoy my first EOTD. I am only a amateur, but look out for many more EOTD's as my courage builds, LOL!!

L to R, (1)virgin inner corner h/l, (9)toasted lid, (7)smog outer corner and into lower crease, (5)buck into mid crease and blended out (7)smog a bit, (3)naked upper crease blended out (5)buck a bit more, (8)dark horse outer upper lash line, (8)dark horse/(7)smog smudged lightly lower lash line.

SUGAR PILL-tako as h/l color, bad gal lash mascara, MAC-teddy inner rims, BM brow powder light/med.

Stila prime pot-taffy (love this stuff!)

1 comment:

  1. loved this bronze eotd evita <3 and thank u for the shoutout! i wish we could hang out, too bad we're in diff coasts. cant wait to see more eotd blogs/vids! =)
    ~yaya >i<