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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's in my bag / Make up Bag?

D&B east/west zebra print leather tote

MAC zip cosmetic bag w/ black print and green interior

MAC bag, keys, (small purple print coin purse w/ meds, gloss,gum, etc, )(fossil coin purse w/ head phones, ipod USB) D&B coin purse loose $) (Staples green not pad) Black sun glass case, D&B leather zebra print wallet) D&B 1975 red w/ print slim cosmetic case w/ papers, bills, etc.) (Black small logic case with USB)  

CVS blending brush, W&W trio e/s, Palladio balm, RL lip gloss, Revlon concealer, B&B lip gloss, NIVEA balm, RL l/s, Revlon l/s, tweezers, BB blotting papers, med case, tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, MAC slim mirror, cream face sample.

MAC small cosmetic case (actually pretty large)


  1. omg i luv ur purse! <3 and ur MAC makeup bag too! i would luv to see a pix of all ur purses =) thx!
    yaya >i<