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Monday, July 4, 2011


Okay so I was trying liquid eye liner for the first couple of times, and I will admit I went a little thick and a bit un-even, lol!, I really don't think liquid liner is my thing I just can't get it to look right? I gotta stick with my cream liner's! I also feel like I probably should have added another coat of mascara for this look?

So I decided to do a nice taupe look blending the color out all over the lid and above in the crease too. I like this look, but think next time I will use a black cream liner with it. I think this look could possibly go either for day or night if you downplay the liner for day or just smudge a black e/s along the upper lash line. Enjoy ladies. : )

On my inner lower and upper rims I applied KORESS black soft eye liner pencil,
I used too faced smolder e/s to set the liner
WOW!! You see my liner job! Don't make fun : )

top 2nd e/s-stila cloud all over lid and crease blended out a bit with the mid color in the trio stila e/s-ethereal but very slightly to add dimension, top 3rd color-stila dune, blending lightly the crease and below brow bone , top 4th e/s color-stila bouquet (looks a bit pink in the pic but it is more like a nude pinky shade great as a h/l color.) also used for brow h/l and inner corner h/l.

BM brow powder in medium, stila liquid liner pen, NYX milk as a base, stila prime pot-taffy, stila shadow palette, stila e/s trio-ethereal. MAC zoom lash mascara.
I totally need to get eye drops, my eyes are so sensitive and
get irritated and cloudy when applying my shadow or liner  at times. : (

Sunday, July 3, 2011

EOTD: *new* STILA natural eye palette

Hello to all of my fellow lovely bloggers, and those who also check out my you tube videos I hope you all enjoy this look I came up with form this excellent palette! I am in love. I usually come up with neutral looks so when I saw this baby come out I had to get it. I am happy I did. I hope you enjoy the look below, as a base I used NYX White base with pearl which gave the look a dewy pearly sheeny look, I really enjoyed that, I tight lined and smudge along the lower lash line with the liner damsel that came with this palette a great medium brown. I used maybeline great lash mascara, and Ardel medium color brow powder to fill my brows. Enjoy!!! : ) 

STILA natural eye palette-SEPHORA.com

Bare - matte ivory - Kitten - Bliss - matte beige pink- Sunset - shimmery canyon pink- Sandstone - matte light coco- Bubbly - shimmery pale gold- Gilded Gold - golden brown with shimmer- Luster - dark aubergine with gold shimmer- Night Sky - blue with shimmer- Ebony - black

8 shades + waterproof liner-damsel-medium dark brown

bare as brow highlight, ebony on lower lid and lightly blended into lower crease, sandstone blended from lower crease to upper crease lightly, sandstone blended with damsel liner on lower lashes, gilded gold as inner corner color

I like the "wet" look the NYX base gives with that sheeny pearly effect


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another.....Z PALETTE HAUL/ Blush Depotting

I am really loving the Z palettes and these babies are my favorite for all of my depotted e/s, and now blushes. I got another zebra print, and now a black one too. I depotted all of my drugstore shadows I use most and placed them in my z palette (see this post for those photos: http://makeupandmorebyevita.blogspot.com/2010/11/z-palette-haul-depoting-madness.html ) So I decided to depot all of my most used drugstore blushes / h/l etc. and place them in here too. I am considering trying the UNII magnetic palettes. ( http://uniicosmetics.com/ ) I here a lot of great things about them too. Depotting is so much fun and easy to do, and now I find my self using my drugstore e/s-blushes more often. Enjoy.

After depotting my blushes, etc. I cut small pieces of magnet stickers,
and made labels for each one.

I think the zebra print is the cutest so I just had to
get another one for my blushes too!!
Black-contains h/l powders and contour blushes, and the
Zebra-blushes from matte to shimmer. I have a few more I want to depot when I find them : )