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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another.....Z PALETTE HAUL/ Blush Depotting

I am really loving the Z palettes and these babies are my favorite for all of my depotted e/s, and now blushes. I got another zebra print, and now a black one too. I depotted all of my drugstore shadows I use most and placed them in my z palette (see this post for those photos: http://makeupandmorebyevita.blogspot.com/2010/11/z-palette-haul-depoting-madness.html ) So I decided to depot all of my most used drugstore blushes / h/l etc. and place them in here too. I am considering trying the UNII magnetic palettes. ( http://uniicosmetics.com/ ) I here a lot of great things about them too. Depotting is so much fun and easy to do, and now I find my self using my drugstore e/s-blushes more often. Enjoy.

After depotting my blushes, etc. I cut small pieces of magnet stickers,
and made labels for each one.

I think the zebra print is the cutest so I just had to
get another one for my blushes too!!
Black-contains h/l powders and contour blushes, and the
Zebra-blushes from matte to shimmer. I have a few more I want to depot when I find them : )

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  1. wOw, ive been dying, and i mean dying to try the Z-palettes! i also want to depot my drugstore makeup and store it in these palettes. hopefully sometime soon :/ i love the zebra print & the leopard print palettes! i sure do miss shopping :( i enjoy depotting too. its like doing arts & crafts, lol. =)